When purchasing a residential property, it is helpful to know as much information as possible regarding the condition of the home being purchased so that the buyer can make an informed decision. Performed by an objective licensed professional, a home inspection is a complete and systematic visual analysis of the physical structure and systems of a home. A home inspection evaluates all major components of a property including:

Heating and central air conditioning systems
Interior plumbing and electrical systems
Roofing and framing
Attic and visible insulation
Walls, ceilings and floors
Windows and doors
Appliances and fixtures
Foundation, basement and structural components
Decks and patios

A buyer will receive a written report with all pertinent findings and can then decide whether to move forward with a home purchase as is, ask the seller to make repairs or walk away from the transaction. Nearly all homes, including new construction, will have some building defects. By obtaining a home inspection, buyers can minimize unpleasant surprises and unexpected difficulties and learn more about the property being purchased.