Many real estate agents will stress the value of home inspections leaving the buyer to wonder whether it is a necessary expense. An “As-Is” purchase may sound appealing due to its seeming simplicity but a home inspection is a valuable consumer protection tool when negotiating fair market value. Walking into escrow with complete information regarding the property at hand allows the home buyer to feel confident in what could be the largest purchase he or she will make in a lifetime.
All properties regardless of age, condition or craftsmanship will possess defects, many undetectable to the untrained eye. An experienced and quality home inspection professional will determine insufficiencies from large to small and make recommendations regarding the seriousness of each issue.
A home inspection can provide peace of mind as to the condition of integral components of a home including structural framing, foundations, ventilation, insulation, roof condition and attic construction.
A home inspection can also alert the buyer to future issues such as drainage problems, faulty electrical systems, code compliance, building settlement and much more. Choosing to perform a home inspection allows a buyer to make an informed decision regarding the final purchase of a property and avoid possible heartache and costly future repairs.